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Aqvila offers tailor-made, full-service technical consultancy and assistance to industrial companies establishing production facilities overseas.

Our services include consultancy across the entire spectrum of technical disciplines required in the establishment of a production facility. These services range from assistance with site acquisition, master planning and conceptual design through engineering, sustainability initiatives, local permitting procedures, contracting and construction management to the final handover of the completed production facility.

In the early stages of a project, our creative thinking and insight into the various building components ensure an effective choice of building systems and implementation of sustainable and intelligent energy concepts into the building installations. In later stages, cost-effective solutions are created through our experience and knowledge of detailed design, ensuring that the end product is a buildable and cost-effective facility.

Our clients are primarily Scandinavian industrial companies planning to build production facilities in Eastern Europe, South-East Asia or Central America, but our model of services can be adapted to any location worldwide.

We are chosen by our clients for our ability to provide all the necessary services, eliminating the need for multiple consultants.